Timothy Potato Sale

Instructions to preorder entrée online:

(1) Click the link "Preorder Online"

(2) Select "Other" for payment

(3) Type either $10.75, $12.75, or $15.75 for your entrée choice (refer to flyer)

(4) In the message section at checkout, type the name of your entrée order (refer to flyer)

Brisket Potato $12

Chicken Potato $12

Two Meat Potato $15

Alfredo $15

Salad $10

*Please note, there is a $0.75 processing fee for online orders

To preorder by phone, 918-425-8021. Leave your name, phone number, and order.

To preorder by email, send to tbc821@yahoo.com with your name, phone number and order.

Timothy potatoe sale.png